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Over the course of its history Nor-Fab Manufacturing has worked with many industries. From electrical enclosures to bus shrouds, marine sewage tanks to shims, if you require metal tools or equipment we can make it happen. With the help of our design specialists, dependable material suppliers, knowledgeable staff, and state of the art equipment we are able to make your needs become a reality with efficiency and great cost savings to be expected.

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We are no strangers to the automotive industry. We have worked on many projects including trailers, truck ramps, plows, replacements parts, and lifts.

Food Service

Professionals in the food industry- we have helped to develop and produce process machinery and accessories in the fast food industry. We have created custom stainless counter tops and have provided a variety of kitchen equipment from sinks to ice cream machines.


ISO Certified, Women Owned and Economically Disadvantaged, we are ready and available to view all of your government contract needs. We are a small business registered with SAM and JCP Certified. Familiar with government solicitations and process, you can be sure nothing will be missed with our dedicated staff..


Working with some of the leading companies in the industry, Nor-Fab is prepared and knowledgeable on many uses of machinery and tools in the forestry industry. We provide a large range of replacement parts for all types of equipment and machinery.


Nor-Fab is familiar with the necessary components needed to safely manufacture aerospace replacement parts. Our experience includes Masts, Cylinder Mounts, Pivot Pins, Bushings, and Control Panels.

Critical Infrastructure

At Nor-Fab we understand the importance behind all of the industries we serve, critical infrastructure is something that we take pride in being a part of whether it be through agricultural work or through public transportation.


Here at Nor-Fab we help specialize in marine part manufacturing. We are familiar with plates, chocks, stoppers, mounts, and even sewage tanks. With our 4k watt plasma table and time saver, we are able to cut and produce stainless steel parts in perfect condition.


Nor-Fab has years of experience in the electrical industry supplying Control Panels, Enclosure Kits, Fuse Panels, Junction Box Dividers, and Control Cabinet Kits. We provide powder coating and have the availability to add screen printing to the panels as well.


Nor-Fab supplies replacement parts for many of the industry leaders in agricultural machinery and tooling.


Nor-Fab has helped with multiple aspects of the tooling industry. With our machining capabilities and years of experience we are able to help design and execute new advancements in the tooling industry- making your next project a success.

Public Transportation

Nor-Fab has spent years perfecting the manufacturing of bus shrouds, door seals, and brackets for all uses of public transportation. With the utilization of our robotic welder, we are able to cut down the production time and leave you with the best looking equipment.

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